Benefits of a Grease Trap Service in Fort Myers, FL

Kitchen wastes are one of the most septic-harmful substances that can cause serious problems to your home or business’ septic system. Aside from some food leftovers, your kitchen wastes also contain grease that can be one of the reasons of having blockages and backups. While your septic system is designed to take in, treat, and dispose of waste water, it sure is not capable of handling grease. This is applicable to all homes and commercial properties, most especially food service establishments.

Grease may cause some issues, yes, but it really doesn’t have to be this way. With septic services from Crews Septic Solutions, you can have a grease interceptor installed and a grease trap service in Fort Myers, FL as well.These bring you a number of benefits as mentioned below:

  • You can keep your pipes clear of grease.
    Grease traps prevent grease from contaminating sewer lines by acting as a receptacle that separates grease, big chunks of solids, and wastewater from each other. As the wastes go down the drain, grease cools on its way to the trap, large solids sink to the bottom of the trap, solidified grease floats, and wastewater moves on to fill the well. Grease and other large particles then remain inside the trap. It accumulates over time but a simple grease trap pumping in Fort Myers, FL can do the job.
  • You can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment.
    Grease tends to solidify as it cools and being present in the pipes causes clogs and consequently, backups. Dirty sewage water causes health hazards as well as makes everyone uneasy due to its foul odors. Thus, having grease traps in your property will help you avoid this situation and keep your surroundings clean and sanitary.
  • You can save money in the long run.
    A grease trap installation may cause you to shell out some money but the benefits that it brings surely outweighs its cost. You can save a lot from repairs and even from medical bills! Do not let it get that far!

For grease trap and other septic system services, you can always rely on Crews Septic Solutions! Contact us now and we will lend you a hand.