Septic System Inspections

Quality Septic Inspection in Fort Myers, FL and Surrounding Areas

At Crews Septic Solutions, LLC, we have a team of specially trained and permitted certified septic system inspectors across our service areas. We will complete the inspection quickly and professionally, and will always give you a detailed report of your septic system. The inspection involves a complete examination of every aspect of your septic system to ensure that everything is in proper working order. You can pass, fail, or conditionally pass an inspection.

Crews Septic Solutions, LLC will provide a pumping service during your septic tank inspection in Fort Myers. Septic pumping service will make it possible for the certified inspector to fully inspect your septic system and tank.

If you fail an inspection, your inspector will explain why and discuss what course of action must be taken in order to pass.

If you conditionally pass, the inspector will describe which component should be replaced or repaired. You may then schedule a service to replace and repair said system components.

Drain fields fail predominantly due to these four reasons:

  1. Water Table (which is rising)
  2. Root Intrusion (watch for trees, use a safe root killer if trees are near septic)
  3. Sludge ( dont forget to use our pumping service regularly [2-4years])
  4. Hydraulically overloaded soil (too much water all at once)

We check for all of these conditions during inspection. Aside from our extensive septic tank inspection work, we also offer other septic services. Call us or browse our website to know more.